Kraftwerk synth patches

You know the sound. And yet, how many of us know how a synth works?

Synth Sounds of Bruno Mars: "Finesse", "24K Magic" & "Uptown Funk" - Reverb

How do a bunch of wonky tones coming out of a box covered in knobs and buttons translate to the memorable sounds of disco, or synthpop, or house or electro or EDM or Taylor Swift? Which is why to really understand anything about synths, you have to have a basic grasp of acoustic theory. In a nutshell, sound is caused by a vibrating object creating changes in air pressure, which vibrates our eardrum, and which we in turn perceive as sound.

A synthesizer basically mimics this natural acoustic process. Those oscillations repeat periodically, in patterns called waveforms. Then eventually, the electrical signal is amplified and sent through a speaker to convert it back to sound the human ear understands. But how does an electrical signal go from sounding like the robotic fart sound of speaker feedback into something resembling music?

The control panel on the Minimoog synthesizer.

kraftwerk synth patches

All synths have a few basic components that work together to forge a sound: an oscillator that generates the waveform and changes its pitch, a filter that carves out certain frequencies in the wave to change the timbre, an amplifier that controls the signal volume, and modulation to create effects. The oscillator is the initial source of the sound — like the guitar string pluck. Voltage from a power source oscillates electrons which generates a waveform, and most synths let you select from various types of waves because different patterns have different sounds.

kraftwerk synth patches

The most common types are:. Fundamentals of synthesis poster via Moog Foundation. Frequency is the speed of the vibration the frequency with which a waveform completes one cycle of its pattern. The faster the frequency, the higher the pitch—double the frequency and the pitch goes up an octave. So to put it in musical terms, a Hz tone is an A note, and Hz is an A an octave up.

The human ear can hear as low as 20 Hz and up to 20 kHz, which you might notice is the name of this here blog. This is where the synth starts messing around with harmonics. A sine wave is just one single frequency, but all other sounds are made up of several frequencies that combine to form the dominant pitch that you hear. The filter section of a synthesizer modifies timbre by blocking certain frequencies in the waveform and letting others through. Turning the filter knob from top to bottom gives you this recognizable sound:.

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The Moog synthesizer in particular is famous for its rich filter sounds and even patented one of them. As you know the amp controls volume by making a signal bigger and thus louder. But it can also modify the amplitude of the signal over time — how quickly it reaches peak loudness, and how long it sustains that volume.View all titles from Resonance Sound.

View all products in this sale. Galactic Trip for Retrologue is the first release of the Synthmorph brand containing over presets and 15 special Synhtmorph MIDI sequences for Steinberg Retrologue 1 and Retrologue 2 virtual analog synthesizer. The Galactic Trip for Retrologue soundset and the corresponding Synthmorph sequences are the result of the passion driven by Steinberg's amazing virtual analog software synthesizer, the Retrologue.

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The focus was on the creation of sounds that are a bit different, unusual compared to bread-and-butter presets and have an immediate organic style thanks to the extreme modulation capabilities of Retrologue. Nearly all presets make use of the Retrologue specialty lesser known: the extensive modulation wheel morph and aftertouch of course.

The idea was to be able to use them in any genre it depends on the musicians who plays the sounds after allhowever they fit instantly for cinematic, game and electronic styles. To stretch it further, the set contains 15 special Synthmorph MIDI sequences that show the real power of this instrument, combining the complex internal modulations with the external human interaction in the form of advanced controllerism.

As these are essentially ubiquitous MIDI files, users are encouraged to modify, twist them and experiment in their own style, using their DAW. Loopmasters do not have nor do they claim any association with or endorsement by these brands.

Any goodwill attached to those brands rest with the brand owner. Loopmasters or its Suppliers do not accept any liability in relation to the content of the sample or the accuracy of the description. Disco Nu Disco. DJ Tools. Free Samples. Hard Dance Hardcore. IDM Electro Glitch.

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The Fame Series: Classic Sounds — Patches for Omnisphere 2™

Synthmorph - Galactic Trip for Retrologue. View all titles from Resonance Sound View all products in this sale. These pack contains presets for both Retrologue 1 and Retrologue 2 separately. Loyalty Programme about rewards Virtual Cash. All rights reserved.The great thing about synthesizers is that many of them offer you the opportunity to create your own unique patches.

Most synthesizers also feature a selection of preset patterns to get you going if you just want to get on with creating music. Best of all, thanks to the internet it is possible to not only share your patches with other people but also download some brand new ones. Just check out some of the great resources below if you are looking for free new synth patches and presets to stimulate your creativity.

The 7 Deadly Synth Sounds (and How to Recreate Them!)

Samplephonics is a website that offers a range of sample packs, plugin presets, and virtual instruments for sale. These loops, samples, synth patches, and sampler instruments can then be used in your productions without having to share any earnings with Samplephonics. In addition to the products that are on sale Samplephonics also offers a small selection of free synth presets, patches and sounds.

Audiobombs is another website that is filled with user-contributed presets and tools. Although some sound designers sell their products on the site you will also find a lot of presets and samples that are completely free. Audiobombs also allows you to host and share your own presets and samples for free with others via the site.

Categories include synth presets, samples, effect presets, Ableton Racks and more. Although most of their products require a fee, you'll also find a nice selection of free synth patches on their site. Soundpacks is a website that has been operational since and offers a selection of sample packs, drum kits and preset packs for free. If you are a music producer or sound designer you can also create and share free sample packs and preset packs with the community if you become a contributor.

Robust American Patches is a straightforward, no thrills website aimed at "synthusiasts" who can get their hands on original patches for analog synthesizers. The patches are available as individual sysex files or bank files depending on the synth. All musicians should be familiar with Reverb, as the site has been around since and has become one of the leading online marketplaces for anyone looking to buy or sell new as well as vintage gear.

However, the site also has a section dedicated to synth patches and amongst all the commercial offerings you'll also find plenty of free options for Korg, Roland, Elektron, Novation, Moog and many other types of synths.

Their files are either sysex files that are raw dumps from the synths or wave files that were recorded from the tape outputs of the instruments. Along with sites that are dedicated to synth patches and presets for different synthesizers you can also find typically get free goodies straight from specific manufacturers.Famous Sounds.

I added audio examples to the list for those who might not be familiar with those sounds. From there, I'll start adding my own examples of more sounds, including loops. When possible, audio examples are available. Lucky Man This flutey, highly synthetic lead sound sure stands out, but already belongs to someone.

Still, add portamento and maybe you'll get lucky, man. Emerson's Moog solo is regarded as the first rock synthesizer solo in history 2. The sample-and-hold-to-pitch computer processing effect. Processing "Professor, why don't you ask the computer? Rez zaps.

kraftwerk synth patches

Numbers Feed white noise through a rapidly closing VCF with the resonance cranked. Kraftwerk did. And now most every techno band does. Replace the noise with a sawtooth wave and you've got another offender, rez bass. Now play wet eight-notes ad nauseam. On second thought, please don't. Simmons-type syndrum. A burst of noise and a sine wave that pitch-bends down, this synthetic tom-tom may have single-handedly killed disco.

Roland TR kick drum. TR bass drum An impossibly low hum, this sound could crumble concrete. But it always gets a bad rap. TR cowbell. A Last Request This clangorous noise never disappears in a mix, though sometimes we wish it would. And let's not forget the TR hi-hata short, metallic noise useful for playing expressionless machine-gun sixteenth notes. Yamaha DX7 Rhodes.

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Way too many. Check out any pop ballad for an example of this crispy electric piano. DX7 anything. Marimba ostinati, Wimpy brass.

FM sound recently had a resurgence on computer soundcards, but we may be free of it any decade now. E-mu Emulator II shakuhachi. Sledgehammer This bamboo flute sound is readily identifiable by the sudden upward pitch-bend at the end of the note.

Orchestra hits.Final parts Voices and drum hits and beats could be abused as retro reminders pointed back in time that's good while all other "retro" sounds can add a touch of the future to all your present songs even better. If that doesn't sound reasonable to you, then download the Synth-Werk demo and make your own mind up.

Definitively unique. From one of the biggest soundware companies comes a synth ROMpler with a very specific Germanic flavour.

kraftwerk synth patches

You'ld be hard pushed to find a better bunch of sounds along these lines, and the autehnicity actor is very high. Given that such patches can be hard to coax frim run-of-the-mill soft synths, we'd say this makes Synth-Werk a highly desirable package, and Kraftwerk devotees in particular shoul check it out.

Verdict Excellent crafted source samples. Simple, powerful Quic Edit interface, very quick load times, Lovely organic feel to many patches. Der Sound von Kraftwerk wird von bis heute sehr gut und realistisch abgedeckt. Nett finde ich auch die Anlieferung in zwei Sprachen — ebenfalls eine kleine aber feine Analogie zum Schaffen der deutschen Elektrosound-Pioniere. Wer in die Klangwelten von Kling-Klang on Co. Ich kenne keine Alternative.

Electronic music has always had ist fair share of pioneers and stand-up acts that take the equipment at their disposal and use it in new and interesting ways. Synth-Werk, from Best Service originally called Kraftworker is a massive library of chords, synth leads, basses, computer sounds, vocoder grooves, pads, FX and more, inspired by the legendary German synthesists. The sounds themselves are excellent, with vibrant and metallic synths echoing alongside resonant, clangong bass arpeggios.

There are plenty of classic tones here plus some more off-the-wall and complex, modern patches that would be perfect for electronic dance music, IDM and electro. Verdict A huge collection of classic and new synth sounds that will be of great interest to anyone writing deep, melodic electronic music. Fans von Kraftwerk kommen hier voll auf ihre Kosten, aber auch Produzenten elektronischer Musik jeder Couleur sollten einmal ein Ohr riskieren. BuenasIdeas Testbericht Synthwerk. Conclusively we can say that Synth-Werk is probably the closest you will get to Ralph and Florian in terms of quickly and accurately reproducing the sounds of this legendary act.

So if you are into creating your own robotic dream — this might well be a good place to start. Der Synth-Werk ist ein Synthesizer auf Samplebasis, der es in sich hat. Very Happy". The following reviews have been placed by customers who also bought this product from us. A brilliant plug-in. Q: How can I add a new library to Engine and activate the sounds?Blade Runner is now touted as one of the greatest films ever made and its soundtrack has become almost as iconic, thanks to tracks like the emotive The Love Theme and high-tempo End Titles, all produced by the Greek god of the synthesiser: Vangelis.

Better still, just use the original soundtrack, as it was such a pivotal factor in the success of the original film. Pick a sawtooth waveform over two oscillators; detune them and reduce the filter to taste. Jump is to synth heads what Stairway To Heaven is to guitarists. The latter are usually people who work in music shops and have to hear it on a daily basis or, like us, people who have been to more than 20 NAMMs, the West Coast US gear show where the intro to Jump is played on every keyboard there at least 50 times a day and all within earshot as we peruse the stands and halls.

We never want to hear it again, but it certainly makes our iconic sounds list…. A dual-oscillator analogue or analogue emulator will do: sawtooth, detune, envelope, easy. Play with low release and sustain and keep the filter frequency open and stable in one position. Giorgio Moroder, along with engineer Robbie Wedel and co producer Pete Bellotte, put the track together almost entirely on a Moog Modular synth, including all the song elements bar the kick drum.

In those days, it was programmed step-by-step — but it was worth it, as the track made such an impact that Brian Eno apparently told David Bowie that it was the future of music, as they recorded the real future of music together in Berlin. To recreate it Your absolute best bet is to get yourself a Moog Modular and spend days wrestling with it to recreate the sounds.

Okay, not really. If you are the lucky owner of a limited-edition Novation MoroderNova you will have this sound and 49 other Moroder presets and be ready to be arpeggiated into …Love action. Sadly, that was a limited-edition synth, but MiniNova users can download those 50 Moroder sounds into their machines now from the Novation website. Set your tempo to around to BPM and your arpeggiator to 16th notes.

Play C, G, Bb, move up three semitones and then two. We love Gary Numan — he is one of the most self-effacing rock stars you can meet. You can buy different software versions, and freeware variants also exist. As for hardware, you could wait for the real thing, because as we go to press, Moog has announced that Minimoog Model D production is resuming indeed, the company just presented one to none other than Gary Numan at Moogfest in recognition of his contribution to music — richly deserved, we reckon.

If you have a fairly standard analogue synth, though, you could give this a go. Again, the sawtooth dual configuration comes to our rescue with a short attack and decay plus medium sustain. Numan was fond of a bit of bass, as he told us last issue — in fact, he revealed to us that he wrote another synth classic, Cars, with a bona fide bass guitar!

To Recreate it The Depeche boys which they were back in used a Yamaha CS-5, Roland SH-1 and Kawai F among other fairly basic machines, so you should be able to recreate this combo of sounds on pretty much any virtual analogue. We mixed a triangle with a sawtooth wave, detuning the former by five semitones.

Attack and sustain are low, release and decay medium. Filter and resonance will allow you to home in on the sound here, but you might get distracted along the way and just keep what you have. Start your riff at G and stick to the white notes the band experimented more with the black ones later in their career. In terms of loving it or loathing it, this is another Stairway… equivalent.

Yes, even us. The Human League went from little-known experimental brilliance through acrimony to a Christmas Number 1 in the space of a year — and this was also the track that turned them into global superstars.

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To Recreate it Cheat. A little, anyway. Take the previous DM lead sound and make sure it is detuned, and then underpin it with a bass note that follows it and you will be close. You will need to increase both decay and sustain times for both and maybe add a little filter sweep to the top end.

In the mix, try and blend them in terms of panning and EQ to get them to sit together as one sound.

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We finish our Seven Deadly Synth Sounds tour with a track that straddles both the 70s and the 80s. The band, of course, could have filled our Seven Deadly Synth Sounds feature by themselves, as they are the very godfathers of electronic music techno, hip-hop, etc, etc, etc. Either way, The Model does have a great lead melody and sound. The original might have been produced on one of three classics of the time: a Minimoog, ARP Odyssey or Prophet-5 that the band were known to use.More Images.

Please enable Javascript to take full advantage of our site features. Edit Master Release. ElectroSynth-pop. When this album was first released in it was called "Tour De France Soundtracks". When re-issued in and onwards, it was shortened to just "Tour De France".

All in all, I still can enjoy it as it is Kraftwerk.

Kraftwerk Frequently Asked Questions

Reply Notify me Helpful. Crijevo September 4, Report. However, it practically took a whole decade for them to deliver anything remotely challenging. Starting with "Expo " - initially a lazy, mere 5-second jingle they were reportedly payed a fortune to do, only to suffer a backlash from the public, feeling obliged to deliver a more proper yet lukewarm 4-track EP exploiting the Expo theme in a tiresome multitude of remixes that followed.

Instead, the new version of Kraftwerk literally still relies on the group's glorious past, the elegance and decadence of it, trying to give it the new shine but the end result is turning their "less is more" philosophy into "more is less".

Even the very original version re-appearing on the album is dried out of its own sweat. Musically it doesn't hurt, but let's face it, "Tour de France Soundtracks" is more of an excuse of an album, exploiting the theme of cycling well, recycling more like over a tedious 55 minute road trip imagined by someone stuck cycling at the gym instead. I enjoyed it all the way through. EDM was born out of this, it's worthy to note however. Kraftwerk laid the foundation for what was to come later in the 90's with Aphex Twin and so on and so forth.

Apparently this album was supposed to be used at the Tour De France but they scrapped all the tracks at the last second. The worst mixing I've ever heard, Terribly plastic sounding everything. Amatheur solutions, noises, audible software-manipulation faliures, bad mastering, bad everything apart from some songs. I don't understand how can a full DDD sound be so extremely low in quality, especially when In live, they are good?